Giverny tour

Discover a typical small town of the French countryside at Giverny. A

This lovable village inspired some great painters like Claude Monet. You will visit the Impressionism museum and enjoy some unique gardens.

From 92€/ person
Chateau de pierrefonds

Castle of Pierrefonds tour

Only one hour from Paris, our guide will take you to the heart of 14 000 hectares of oak and beech trees, home to the Castle of Pierrefonds.

Travel back in time to the castles of knights and gargoyles and discover the mysteries of this castle built by Viollet-le-Duc.

Machicolation, dungeons, drawbridge, guardsroom, pepperpot roofs, mazes of tunnels, vaults and spiral staircases are just waiting to spark your imagination.

From 96€/ person

Château de Chantilly tour

Only 50 km from Paris, discover the Chantilly Château, an enchanted castle housing one of the finest collections of paintings in France. The Condé family collected over 800 masterpieces of French, Italian and Flemish painters.

Take your time to stroll through the vast 115 hectare park, a unique testimony to the history of Western gardens in Europe. You will also have the opportunity to visit the Living Horse Museum, both an ethnological and art museum under the same roof.

From 78€/ person

Château de Vaux Le Vicomte tour

To enrich your knowledge of French history and culture or simply for the pleasure of an unforgettable experience, explore the Château of Vaux le Vicomte, in the company of family or friends in our authentic cars.

Discover the fascinating history of Vaux le Vicomte, built for the Superintendent of Finances – Fouquet. The splendour of the Château that aroused the jealousy of the Sun King, later became a model that inspired the whole of Europe.

From 93€/ person

Château de Fontainebleau tour

In an exceptional vintage car, you can travel with your family or friends to discover a splendid monument of French art and architecture.

The Chateau is unique as it is the only royal and imperial palace that was graced with the continual presence of French Royalty for eight centuries.

Capetians, Valois, Bourbons, Bonaparte and Orléans occupied these rooms in continual succession. They all endeavoured to embellish the 1500 rooms set in over 130 hectares of parks and gardens.

From 78€/ person

Palace of Versailles tour

The excursion Paris-Versailles, in a vintage car, is a unique opportunity to appreciate the grandiose architecture of the Palace of Versailles and the marvels that so marked the history of France. You will be able to stroll through the luxurious gardens designed by the inventor of the French formal garden style – André Le Nôtre.

Marie-Antoinette will await you in her domain at the far end of the gardens. There, you will visit her intimate and private haven of peace where she loved to flee from the splendours of the Court of Versailles.

From 69€/ person
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